Ammonium Nitrate for Sale Non Coated Prill form 34-0-0
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Ammonium Nitrate For Sale 50lb for $98.95! Our non-coated ammonium nitrate fertilizer is greater than 99.8% pure prill and can be used to make cold packs as well as reactive / binary targets for shooters. New and packed  in resealable heavy duty plastic bags. Note that all ammonium nitrate might not be as clean as pictured,,might contain some inert matter (this will not hurt performance).  FREE SHIPPING!


  • Non-Coated for Cold Pack, Fertilizer and Oxidizing Agent for Reactive Targets
  • Prilled form and comes in heavy duty heat sealed plastic bag.
  • Can be used to make reactive / binary targets
  • Complies with all FEDEX and USPS ORM-D shipping regulations
  • 99.8% pure prill


  • Item #: AN 50lb

Ammonium Nitrate 34-0-0 Prilled Non-Coated 50lb $98.95

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