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Potassium Nitrate 99.8 percent pure, fine. Great for black powder and pyrotechnic ingredients, we also offer sulfur powder and airfloat charcoal as well. Same day shipping included in the posted price, the price you see is what you pay. This ships to Alaska and Hawaii unlike our exploding targets which only ship to the lower 48.

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If you’re looking for ammonium nitrate for target practice or even fertilizer, you’re in the place. We provide the highest quality exploding targets at the lowest prices because we cut out the middlemen. When you buy your ammonium nitrate from us, you’re getting the highest quality because we source from the best suppliers, keep it securely sealed in a temperature-controlled environment, and ship our supplies out fast.

Highest Quality Ammonium Nitrate

What determines the quality of ammonium nitrate? Every distributor in the business is sourcing from similar suppliers. Most of the quality is the same initially. However, because we don’t keep a massive inventory like the big guys, our ammonium nitrate is delivered to you as fresh as possible. We keep it securely sealed in a temperature-controlled storage facility, and it does not sit there long before we ship it. You get the freshest ammonium nitrate possible when you choose us.

Ammonium Nitrate - Non-coated prill form

“I bought the 35lb. of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder a few weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to go shooting until recently. This is definitely the real deal. I mixed a couple of pounds and put it in various containers. I also put some in little Ziploc bags and hung them on wooden posts. The little bags had a nice bang, but the plastic 64 oz. soda cups had a massive BOOM!!! I could feel the percussion from them! It is fantastic! You can’t go wrong buying this “Tannerite.” My only regret is that I got the 35lb. and not the 50lb. version. I’ll definitely be buying more!”

Best Ammonium Nitrate Prices

Our operation is agile and has little overhead costs. We’re trying to get our product into big-name stores and spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns. We are exploding target enthusiasts that have found a need in the marketplace. When you buy from us, you’re getting the best prices possible because it’s nearly the same prices as buying wholesale.

“Best deal around! Prills are the right size for the best reaction. I weighed the box and it was 51.6 lbs. Spot on full weight on my order! Thanks!”  

Superior Customer Service

When and if you ever have a question or need help, just contact us and talk to a real person. We don’t use chatbots and confusing ticketing systems that take all day to get through and never answer your question. When you call human answers. If we miss your call, leave a voicemail, and we get right back to you.

“John helped me out a lot and got this out to me on pretty short notice due to a failed order and poor service from another company. I luckily found his page and took the leap. All my targets arrived sooner than expected, and they all worked flawlessly. I’ve found my supplier.”

Why Choose Us for Your Ammonium Nitrate?

You have a lot of options when it comes to sourcing your ammonium nitrate and exploding target mixes. There are some big-name brands like Tannerite and some other mid-range brands as well. So what sets us apart?

Our Ammonium Nitrate Store is your one-stop shop for all of your ammonium nitrate needs. We carry a full line of ammonium nitrate and other explosive and target supplies. We offer affordable prices and we ship to any location in the US!