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Get some of the best aluminum powder for reactive targets and pyrotechnic compositions on the planet. We even offer the world-renown Eckart 5413H German Blackhead Aluminum Powder. Reactive target shooters that prefer creating their own mixes will be extremely pleased with the performance as well. Our air float charcoal and sulfur products will please even the most serious pyrotechnic enthusiasts.

Aluminum Powder  

500 mesh (30 microns) uncoated spherical particles. Used in slow flash & glitter formulas, rocket fuels, powder coating & pigments, chemical reaction catalysts, welding, and other projects. 

Eckart German Blackhead 5413 H Super Aluminum Powder

Eckart German 5413 H is considered the King of aluminum powders. This pyro favorite is a very fine powder with normal sizes ranging from 200 mesh down to 3 microns. This black powder is the best powder money can buy.

Iron Oxides 

Black  (Fe304) and red (Fe203) – Thermite / Magnetic Silly Putty. Used in ceramics, pigment, metallurgy, welding, and more. 

Air Float Charcoal

Our air float charcoal is a favorite among our pyrotechnics customers.

Sulfur Powder

Sulfur has always been used extensively in pyrotechnics as a fuel and to reduce ignition temperatures of mixtures. It also increases the burning rate and friction or shock sensitivity of most mixtures.