Ammonium Nitrate –

Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate

Agricultural Use

At EverythingSKS LLC, we understand the paramount importance of ammonium nitrate in the agricultural industry. Known for its high nitrogen content, this chemical plays a crucial role in fertilizing and enhancing soil health. Our non-coated prill form ammonium nitrate ensures efficient absorption by crops, leading to improved yield and robust growth. This aspect of our product lineup caters not only to explosive needs but also supports the backbone of the agricultural sector, where demand for high-quality fertilizer is constant and indispensable.

Explosive Properties

Our clientele appreciates the explosive properties of ammonium nitrate, which is why we specialize in providing products tailored for both detonation and shooting activities. The oxidizing nature of ammonium nitrate makes it an excellent component for exploding targets, offering a safe and controlled way to enhance shooting practices. We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers, ensuring that each batch of ammonium nitrate meets the highest standards of stability and performance.

Chemical Formula

Understanding the chemical formula of NH4NO3 is essential in appreciating the dual role ammonium nitrate plays in both agriculture and as an explosive component. Our team at EverythingSKS LLC is well-versed in the science behind ammonium nitrate, enabling us to source and supply products that align perfectly with our customers’ needs, whether for agricultural fertilization or for creating high-quality exploding targets.

Manufacturing Process

We partner with top suppliers who adhere to the strictest manufacturing processes. This ensures that our ammonium nitrate is of the highest purity, providing optimal performance whether used as fertilizer or in explosive mixtures. Our rigorous quality control measures guarantee that every prill of ammonium nitrate we sell meets the exact specifications required for its intended use.

Safety Precautions

At EverythingSKS LLC, safety is our top priority. We understand the inherent risks associated with handling ammonium nitrate, and we go above and beyond to ensure our products are used responsibly. We provide comprehensive guidelines on safe storage, handling, and usage of ammonium nitrate, whether it’s being applied as a potent fertilizer or in explosive applications. Our commitment to safety helps protect our customers and the community at large.

Regulation and Storage

We strictly adhere to all regulations governing the sale, distribution, and storage of ammonium nitrate. Our products are stored in conditions that prevent contamination, degradation, or any other factor that might compromise their quality. We provide detailed storage instructions to our customers, ensuring they comply with safety standards and regulatory requirements, thus minimizing risks associated with improper storage.

Terrorist Attacks

While ammonium nitrate has beneficial uses, its role in tragic terrorist attacks cannot be ignored. At EverythingSKS LLC, we are deeply committed to preventing misuse of our products. We have stringent measures in place to ensure our ammonium nitrate does not fall into the wrong hands, including thorough vetting of customers and educating them on the legal and ethical implications of their purchases.

Environmental Impact

We are conscious of the environmental impact of ammonium nitrate, particularly when used as a fertilizer. Our products are designed to minimize runoff and reduce the potential for eutrophication in bodies of water. By providing high-quality ammonium nitrate, we help ensure that it is used efficiently and responsibly, mitigating adverse environmental effects.


As a crucial fertilizer component, ammonium nitrate’s role in global food production cannot be overstated. Our commitment to supplying premium quality, highly effective ammonium nitrate supports sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. Our agricultural clients rely on us for a product that boosts crop yield and enhances food security, crucial in today’s rapidly growing world.

Oxidizing Agent

The oxidizing properties of ammonium nitrate make it indispensable in the creation of exploding targets and other applications requiring a rapid release of gases. Our focus on providing non-coated prill form ammonium nitrate ensures that our customers receive a product capable of meeting their exacting requirements for both agricultural and explosive applications.

At EverythingSKS LLC, we’re committed to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our customers in every aspect. From safety to environmental responsibility, from quality control to regulatory compliance, we stand by our products and our practices. Thank you for trusting us with your ammonium nitrate needs.

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