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Exploding Targets: An Overview of Fun and Effective Target Practice!

Exploding targets has redefined the way that people shoot. This fun, safe, and exciting target practice has completely changed how shooters train. Even though exploding targets have been around for more than a century, their popularity has grown significantly in recent years.

Exploding targets are essentially any target that is designed to explode when shot. They are most commonly used as a shooting practice aid. When an exploding target is hit by a bullet, it explodes (hence the name). This creates a great visual effect while also allowing the shooter to gauge their aim more easily than with traditional bullseye targets.


Benefits of Using Exploding Targets

There are a number of reasons why people use exploding targets. Some of the most common include

  • Help Shooters Gauge Their Aim – Exploding targets provide a lot more visual feedback than traditional paper targets. This means that when a bullet comes into contact with an exploding target, it will create a much bigger explosion than when it hits a normal paper target.
  • Help Shooters Find Their Preferred Range – Exploding targets are also great for helping shooters gauge their preferred range. It is very common for shooters to use a certain distance when practicing with paper targets.
  • Help Shooters Find Their Preferred Wind Direction and Speed – When shooting with exploding targets, a shooter can also figure out their preferred wind direction and wind speed.
  • Help Shooters Improve Their Technique – Exploding targets can be helpful for improving a shooter’s technique. This is because the visual feedback from exploding targets is more noticeable than with paper targets.


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